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Brand Achievements

The Malaysia Book of Records 2014

After many years of fighting, we finally awarded as the Achiever of Organic Food & Cafe Chain store by Malaysia Book of Records!!

THANK YOU Malaysia!!

We will continue our spirit and strive to achieve more milestones!!

Last but not least, thank you everyone for your support throughout the years. We will not achieve the award without the continuous support and persistence towards organic and healthy lifestyle. 

Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards

Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards is positioned as one of the most trusted and prestigious business Awards program in Malaysia. It emphasizes on strategic management approaches and the SMEs are the targeted primary audience. The nomination is then followed by the secondary audience in the non-SMEs corporate field through invitation. Additionally, these Awards serve as the highest accolades for the enterprises which have achieved an utmost excellence in all sectors of business management disciplines in forming the strategic parts of organizational growth and sustainability.


MRCA Brand Achievement 2014 MRCA 2014 成功品牌

BMS Organics officially rank among the successful brand! Click to learn more about BMS Organics philosophy and development, as well the opportunity to see the vitality of our young CEO too!

The 14th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise- Keris Award 2016

More than 650 remarkable and honesty enterprises from Asia Pacific countries have been awarded to-date. This award rewards the outstanding Asia Pacific's entrepreneurs who had demonstrated honesty and integrity in business dealing and BMS Organics is recognized and awarded.