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How can we meet the needs of today without diminishing the capacity of our future generations to meet theirs? When we consider this, we will understand the importance of sustainable development. Understanding sustainability requires an awareness of how everything we do, everything we take, everything we make and everything we waste will not only affect nature's balance but also the future of our next generations. 

At BMS Organics, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is a key for sustainable development and we recognize that there are 4 pillars to support our CSR initiatives- Environment, Community, Consumer, Workplace. 

We sell only organic and natural products!
This is what we are doing and we are happy with it. We are always motivated because we are operating a business which can helps many to find true health and is dedicated to mother nature as well.  

No plastic bag day
At BMS Organics, we supply plastic bags that are made of biodegradable materials. In our efforts to reduce waste to zero, we do not supply plastic bags every Saturday and Monday. Ever since we started this activity, we have successfully cut 50,000 pieces of plastic bags used and the cut amount increases every week. Whenever customers request for a plastic bags during non-plastic days, we will collect 20 sen from them and these will go to a charity, eg. the orphanage. We encourage our customers to bring their own bags and also offer our own recycled bag for free redemption or as a purchase. These are only some of our initiatives to evoke the eco-friendly movement. 

Meat Free Monday
Going vegetarian is equal to go green, why? click here! Going vegetarian is good for health too. Therefore, we encourage our customers, staff and everyone to go vegetarian at least once a week on Monday! By promoting this at our retail outlets, poster signing activities, even talks & seminars, we hope we can do something for mother earth with our efforts.   

Meat Free Office on Monday & Friday
An activity in the office that was initiated years ago to encourage our colleagues to go meatless for a day. One reason is for their own health and the other for the health of mother earth. By reducing the consumption of meat, we can reduce the cruelty of having to consume animals.

Eco Printing

We support eco-printing and use soy ink for our food labeling. Recycled materials are prioritized. We work with suppliers who furnish a variety of high performance printing using eco friendly ink, enhance efforts for pollution prevention and minimize resource consumption at all levels in the organization and commit to the 3Rs practices i.e. Recovery, Recycle and Reuse. 

Orphanage House Visit
We should give love to everyone who needs it whenever possible. By visiting the needy and spending time with them, not only do we demonstrate our care to them but we learn how to appreciate all that is already available to us.  

Charity Event Sponsorship
We put aside an annual budget so that we can use this money for charity events.  We hope we can support those who are passionate in doing something for the community, especially for the needy. We feel this is meaningful and we are more than happy to know that we are helping another person. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, we will go for voluntary work eg, charity event for fund raising, bento sponsorship, shoe painting for charity, tree planting and many more. This is because we believe that individuals may be alone but they shouldn't be, and that many individuals make us a big community.   

Fund Raising for the Needy
If a little contribution can change someone else's life, why not? Therefore, fund raising is always an ongoing event at BMS Organics, and we open this to our customers and sometime to our staff. When everyone joins hands, the power would be stronger than we can imagine.

We hope to do more things that would benefit even more people, and hence create a better workplace for our staff, better homes for our customers and a better world for mother earth.