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Organic, A Second Chance At Life

San Mei came to realisation that health i wealth, after going through an ordeal. Her body awakened for the first time, and trusting organic foods for the first time too.

"I am an entrepreneur, a sense of achievement has always been very important to me. So I have worked non-stop in the past, eat irregularly, and even neglected the word of “health”. I remember there have been times after meal that I felt nausea,  vomited, yet I did  not bother  about  it , until I told  my husband  about  my  condition.

I then went for a medical check-up at a hospital…a shocking news was that, I was diagnosed with phase III stomach cancer!”

“At that time, the life of my family and I gone through tremendous changes. I need to undergo treatments and naturopathy at the same time. When I was extremely down, my husband has taken leave from his work and accompanied me to and fro the hospital. Other family members and friends constantly cared and supported me. They let me realise that I need to be stronger to face all these.”

In the first few days after operation and undergone chemotherapy, San Mei said her body found it hard to cope. Pressure and sorrow subsequently followed. These cannot be described with words. At that time, every single word from the person who loved her played a significant role. Her husband told her that she needed to get over it with her own willpower, just like when she had faced with business difficulties, she did manage to overcome, persist and never give up!

"Yes, there is a lesson for me to learn from all these. Meanwhile, I am expecting my second child. At this point, I know how to take care of myself, my children and the health of people around me. I told myself, cancer is not an incurable illness, I must be brave to face myself, to change previous bad eating habits, and to cherish every moment of life."

The recuperating San Mei reminds herself at all times that she needs to remain optimistic in order to be healthy bodily, mind, and soul. She  chooses  organic,  natural  food, does  more  exercises, and participates in some courses. She no longer hides herself. On the contrary, she is willing to share about her experiences with others, with the hope that others will be benefited from that. Prioritise our health, before it is too late.

Having a second chance at life, all she wants to say is that, much gratitude to her family and friends for their caring and support.