Home Eco Classroom

  1. Reduce water usage, e.g.: when washing our hands, brushing our teeth and shower. Flush the toilet with a bucket of water, instead of full storage tank of flush water.
  2. Turn off your electronic devices when not in use.
  3. Bring your reusable bag for shopping, reduce the use of plastic bags.
  4. Reduce the use of disposable drinking bottles; bring your own reusable BPA-free water bottle all the time.
  5. Use both sides of paper and envelop, recycle them along with other paper based materials.
  6. Give out your usable unwanted items or sent them to recycling centre to reduce garbage.
  7. Do not waste food. Take adequate amount of food and do not leftover.
  8. Turn on the fan instead of air-conditioner. Set higher air-conditioner temperature or reduce its usage.
  9. Always bring your own chopstick and container, reduce the use of disposable Styrofoam food containers and disposable plastic cutlery.
  10. Make your own compost or enzymes with leftover food and fruit skins.
  11. Reuse the water used for cleaning the rice etc or collect rain water for plant watering or toilet washing.
  12. Go vegetarian at least once a week, because Go Vegetarian = Go Green.
  13. Use a handkerchief or clean with water, instead of using tissue papers
  14. Car pool as much as possible to reduce Greenhouse Gases emission.
  15. Show our care to the society, find time to be a volunteer and give back to the society.
  16. Share environment protection information and tips with your family and friends
  17. Chat with your parents at least 30 minutes a week. At least make an effort to make a phone call to your parents. 
  18. Be understanding. Think about other people whilst think for yourself.
  19. Love your body, take good care of yourself and do not take it for granted, do not let your family and friends to worry about you.


  1. 尽所能减低用水量,例如洗手,刷牙,洗脸和洗澡时的用水, 小解时避免用整桶蓄水来冲洗厕所而选用小水桶来盛水冲洗
  2. 不需要用电时记得把它关上
  3. 少用塑胶袋,时时记得携带环保袋
  4. 少用一次性塑胶水壶,时时循环,使用由安全质料制成的水壶
  5. 确保每张纸和收到的信封都被双面使用,然后连同其他废纸一起送去回收小站
  6. 把不使用的物品转送他人或送到回收中心,减少制造垃圾
  7. 不浪费食物,自己选择适量的食物,不剩饭
  8. 尽量只开风扇,调高空调温度或减少使用空调
  9. 减少使用一次性餐具,常携带环保筷及餐盒
  10. 把家中的剩菜及水果皮做成堆肥或环保酵素
  11. 用洗米及洗物品的水或收集雨水来浇花或冲洗厕所
  12. 一星期最少吃素一天,因为吃素就等于环保
  13. 减少使用纸巾,多带手帕或用水清洗
  14. 尽量共乘汽车以减低温室气体的排放
  15. 尽所能关怀社会,抽时间去当义工,回馈社会
  16. 与家人朋友分享环保的讯息及小贴士
  17. 一星期至少花30分钟与父母聊天,生活忙碌也至少通通电话表 示关爱
  18. 顾虑他人感受,想到自己当儿也会去为他人着想
  19. 爱护自己的身体,照顾好自己的健康和不做危害身命的事,以免让家人,朋友担忧