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"I  have always had a wish to launch the BMS Organics newsletter to interact with customers, to let our customers know what we are doing, and why they  choose BMS Organics."

" I hope this quarterly newsletter serves  as  the  communication bridge to motivate and thank our staff, and to help patients with positive energy for second chance at life. There has been frequent occurrence of natural disasters. As long as human beings are willing to change, little by little, only  then  they  can  conserve better  environment  for  future generations instead of leaving money only behind them. Money cannot avoid disasters."

"From the start, BMS Organics emphasizes healthy organic diet, insists of not selling acidic foods such as meat, cow milk and eggs. We even have a slogan of “Your Healthy Diet Consultation Centre”. May  I  utilise  the  collective strength of BMS Organics to help more people, animals, insects and other natural organisms, to make the Earth a better place. Much gratitude, this BMS Organics Newsletter June 2011 is published. I want to thank all our customers for the trust they place in us. I want to thank all my colleagues as well for their sacrifices and efforts in bringing BMS Organics to a new height. "

Terry Lee
BMS Organics Managing Director


BMS Organics- The Appreciater Newsletter 思源人季刊
2011 Issue (8.4MB)

BMS Organics- The Appreciater Newsletter 思源人季刊
2012 Issue (16.6MB)

BMS Organics- The Appreciater Newsletter 思源人季刊
2013 Issue (17.7MB)