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The liver is responsible for processing, converting, distributing and maintaining the body's blood supply which consists of nutrients and energy. Impeding these vital functions not only affects the body's performance as a whole, but also the health of every single cell. If you experience major or chronic health problems, either physical or emotional, your liver may be overloaded with toxic compounds that are trapped within clumps of hardened bile. Unlike the stomach, the liver never tells you directly when it is having an emergency or not. You’ll only know that something is wrong when it starts to perform poorly. Therefore, one should do a liver flush at least once to rid your body of toxins and increase the body’s health and vitality.

Nutritionist's Recommendations
Organic Forest Demeter Lemon Juice, Biogreen Organic Molasses, Organic Forest Olive Oil, Cayenne Pepper
Drink consistently every morning before breakfast for 10 days
Warm water (1/2 glass) + lemon juice (2 tablespoons) + molasses (1 tablespoon)
+ olive oil (1 teaspoon) + a dash of cayenne pepper

Friendly Reminder
After a liver flush, your body and stomach may feel uncomfortable. You may experience headaches, fatigue and other discomforts. This shows that the body has entered a cleansing phase, and is a common detoxification phenomenon. These symptoms will gradually disappear and your body will feel better than ever before!

(This formula is given by Jack Schwartz)