BMS ORGANICS-Chia Seeds (2 x 300g)

BMS ORGANICS-Chia Seeds (2 x 300g)

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Chia seed is origin from flowering plant in the mint family. It confers a long list of health benefits and is definitely a healthy addition to your daily diet!

Ingredient: Organic Chia seed (certified by USDA) 

  • Low in calories, gluten  free
  • High in omega 3 and 6, antioxidants, vitamin B complex and minerals
  • May help to stabilize blood sugar and improve constipation
  • High in calcium and boron - prevent osteoporosis

Mix 1-2 teaspoons with fruit juice, sprinkle on porridges and salad or can be eaten raw. It is an ideal ingredient for pastry, biscuits, cakes and breads.

No artificial preservatives added. Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, please consume within 60 days or keep refrigerated and consume within 120 days for its best quality.

Products received are at least 8 months from expiry date due to the absence of artificial preservatives.

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