CLAYTAN-Volca Life Energy Comb with Pouch (Black)

CLAYTAN-Volca Life Energy Comb with Pouch (Black)

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Over the years, Claytan adhere to its culture of being creative, innovative and trendy. Claytan observed the increased awareness on health care products, therefore they have committed into the development of Ceramic Health Care products back in years.

VOLCA Life-Energy Comb

VOLCA Life-Energy Comb is made of high quality ceramic body fired to 1200 degree Celsius with high contents of volcanic mineral powder that releases high level of Far Infrared Red (FIR) and negative ions that are long lasting. Recent research shows that the negative ions contribute positive influences toward the environment and human body. Negative ion is a small element with excellent penetration toward human body.

In addition to that, the VOLCA Life-Energy Comb design integrates with the Chinese traditional scrapping (“Gua Sha”) concept. It could be used to scrap the acupuncture points on our body to smooth the vessels. Unlike the normal comb, the ceramics VOLCA Life-Energy Comb is easily clean up even by using the plain water without any extra detergent needed.

Core Functions of VOLCA Life-Energy Comb:

1.       Provide hair care and improve condition of scalp

  • Enhance hair growth, helps to reduce hair fall, itchiness and dandruff

2.       Improve blood circulation:

  • Reduce headache, dizziness and migraine attack
  • Reduce the chances of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease 

3.      Rebalancing of body

  • Through stimulating the body reflection area on acupuncture points (“Xue Dao”, also called acupoints), especially massage on:
  •      Ears, neck and shoulders
  •      Palms and arms
  •      Feet and legs

4.     Made of non-allergic ingredients

5.     Does not causes irritation

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