GOOD BASE-Red Ginseng & Aronia (50ml x 30pouches)

GOOD BASE-Red Ginseng & Aronia (50ml x 30pouches)

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What is Aronia?

A berry with the highest content of anthocyanin, an antioxidant with high anti-aging effects

King of Berries meets King of Herbs

Korean Red Ginseng (KRG) with Aronia is a rich tonic with a non-bitter taste made with 6 year-old Korean Red Ginseng extract and Aronia juice containing high level antioxidants to help detoxify your body while slowing down the aging process.

A popular tonic amongst ladies in Korea, KRG with Aronia comes in a convenient ready-to-drink pouches.

  • World’s no. 1 ginseng brand
  • Pure 6 year-old red ginseng
  • Passed 290 different safety testing for strict quality control
  • Imported from Poland-World’s largest producer of Aronia Berries
  • Contains 1% of 6 year-old Korean red ginseng extract and 91.9% juice made from Aronia berries
  • 30kcal per pouch

Product of Korea

  • Antioxidants: reduce free radicals, maintain tissues and vitality & stay young
  • Detoxification: accelerate intestinal peristalsis, eliminate intestinal stool, inhibit the absorption of toxins in vivo
  • Slimming: improving false hunger, slow down the formation of fat and promote metabolism
  • Strengthen the spleen
  • Protects the lungs
  • Enhances brain function and activity
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism
  • Balances blood pressure levels
  • Boost stamina, counteracts fatigue and improves physical endurance
  • Women who wish to maintain youth & beauty
  • Lack of exercise
  • Irregular meals
  • Long hours working at the computer

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight; keep in a cool, dry place. Consume quickly after opening. Don't heat pouch in a microwave.

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