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VIP Member Card


With more than 50,000 members currently, we are delighted to welcome you as one of our VIP members to enjoy the privileges. Together we aspire, together we grow and will continue to be an inspiration of organic living!

Cardholder privileges :

  1. Enjoy up to 10% off on product items except for promotional & agent controlled items.
  2. Enjoy 5% off when dine in at all BMS Organics Cafe.
  3. Enjoy up to 20% birthday exclusive discount during birthday month (applicable for Andalou, Herbatint, O'Forest, Organyc, O'Clean, Rampal Latour) except for promotional & agent controlled items.
  4. Enjoy up to 20% off during birthday month when dine in at BMS Organics Cafe.
  5. Free meal on every Monday & Thursday with minimum purchase of RM10.00 retail items. *Selected dishes only
  6. Energy accumulation with every purchase at BMS Organics and BMS Organics Cafe for cash redemption. * Energy = points
  7. Free newsletter, seasonal promotions and many more!
  8. All of the privileges above are subject to terms and conditions.
  9. BMS Organics reserves all rights to amend the terms and conditions above and reserves the final decision in case of disputes without prior notices.
  10. Energy accumulation chart ( Energy = Point)
    Accumulated Energy (RM1 = 3 energy) Cash Redemption
    1,000 RM5.00
    2,000 RM10.00
    4,000 RM22.00
    6,000 RM35.00
    8,000 RM48.00
    10,000 RM60.00
    20,000 RM130.00
    30,000 RM200.00
    50,000 RM350.00

To apply :

Fill in an application form at any BMS Organics outlets to enjoy our member privileges immediately.

Registration & Renewal Fee : RM30 for 1 year Or RM70 for 3 years

Terms and conditions

  1. Applications are opened to all aged 16 years and above
  2. BMS card is not a credit or charge card.
  3. BMS card is expired on the anniversary date of joining.
  4. Cardholder shall present BMS card or member ID to the cashier prior to any transaction to enjoy the privileges.
  5. Cardholder is entitled to privilege discounts and promotions. Discount is not applicable on promotional items.
  6. For gift redemption, cardholder must present the card for verification purposes.
  7. An administration charge of RM3 is payable for replacement of any card in the event of lost or theft.
  8. BMS card is not transferable and its use is governed by the management’s terms & conditions.
  9. BMS Organics reserves the right to change the benefits, terms & conditions without prior notice.
  10. The above offers are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the respective merchants, please check with the respective merchants for details. 

BMS Mobile Apps

Download our apps for your smart phone and tablet today to enjoy more privileges. 

With BMS Organics apps, you can:

  1. View your latest energy. * Energy = Point
  2. Get latest news on new product, exclusive sales and many more.
  3. View BMS Organics cafe menu with high definition images.
  4. Get special rewards or vouchers and retrieve your rewards without the need of physical copy.
  5. Locate BMS Organics outlet that are nearest to you.
  6. Link your buddies to get more energy.  * Energy = Point
    • Collect 100% of your buddies energy, if your buddies spend RM300.00 and above per month.
    • Collect 10% of your buddies energy, if your buddies spend below RM300.00 per month.

Available on:


BMS Thursday Eat FREE

Terms & Conditions:

  1. With a minimun spend of RM 10 and above at BMS Organics ( applicable for retail items only )
  2. Every Thursday, you are entitled for one (1) lunch or dinner for FREE ( on selected menu ) 
  3. Applicable for member only.