Anti-Acne Formula

Anti-Acne Formula

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Pimples are the most common skin problem that affects teenagers and some working adults. There are a number of factors causing the problem, which includes unhealthy diet, stress, hormone imbalance, and etc.

Wish to get rid of your annoying red spots but don’t know how to begin? Let’s try anti-acne formula! It does not only possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it also helps to regulate hormone, and thus may help to reduce swelling, inflammation, and redness associated with acne.

Products: O’Forest Organic Aloe Vera Juice, O’Forest M+ Fibre Drink, Biogreen Pink Plus Organic Flaxseed Oil  

O’Forest Aloe Vera Juice 

  • Helps to purify the blood, reduce inflammation and prevent further infection.

O’Forest M+ Fibre Drink 

  • Not only high in fibre but also rich in antioxidants that improve gut microflora and help in detox as well as improve skin complexion.

Biogreen Pink Plus Organic Flaxseed Oil 

  • Helps to regulate hormone
  • May help to improve the quality of skin, and promote healthy skin complexion.

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