BIOGREEN-Organic Extra Virgin Golden Flax Seed Oil (250ml)

BIOGREEN-Organic Extra Virgin Golden Flax Seed Oil (250ml)

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Flax seed oil, also known as linseed oil is a clear to yellowish oil obtained from the dried ripe seeds of the flax plant and the oil is obtained by cold pressing method, stored in dark amber glass bottle to prolong its shelf life and maintain its precious quality. Good plant source of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

  • Omega 3 - 55%
  • Omega 6 - 15%
  • Omega 9 - 20%

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Flax Seed Oil (Certified Organic by BioAgriCertl)

  • Help to decrease cholesterol and risk of heart diseases
  • Help to enhances blood sugar normality and help to maintain healthy blood circulation
  • Help to reduce internal tissue inflammation and burns down excess fats
  • Help to maintain smooth and healthy skin complexion
  • Menopause women
  • Reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar level
  • Eczema problem / reduce inflammation
  • Prevention of cancer

Take 1 tablespoon directly or mixed with oatmilk, soya milk, juices and other beverages.

Store in cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Products received are at least 4 months from expiry date due to the absence of artificial preservatives.

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