Kidney Stones Flush DIY

Kidney Stones Flush DIY

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Kidney stones are result of weak kidneys hence besides following the kidney flush formula; one must strengthen the kidney to avoid having any more stones.

The critic acid of lemon juice will dissolve the calcium deposit. After some times, the stones that come out will be like sand and will come out through the urinary tract. When experiencing the passing of the stones through urinary tract, it could be quite painful, especially for those who have a lot of stones.

ProductsO’Forest Organic Lemon Juice x 4 bottles, Biogreen Raw Honey x 1 bottle

Drink consistently everyday for 10 days

Drink 12 tablespoons of lemon juice (every 2 tablespoon of lemon juice equals to 1 lemon) it can be consume separately for a few times and diluted or sweetened with raw honey.

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