O’FOREST-Organic Coconut Syrup (350ml)

O’FOREST-Organic Coconut Syrup (350ml)

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O’Forest Organic Coconut Syrup has a hint of caramel-like flavour. As compared to table sugar and brown sugar, coconut sugar has numerous nutrients and minerals, such as potassium, zinc and iron as well as inulin that are good for gut health. It contains lower fructose content than agave nectar, making it a healthier alternative of sweetener.

  • Low Glycemic Index (38)
  • Organic sweetener

Ingredients: Coconut Palm Sap* (*Organic)

Product of Sri Lanka

Ideal sweetener for use on pancakes, beverages or recipes.

No artificial preservative added. Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, please close tightly, keep refrigerated and consume within 150 days for its best quality.

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