Overall Health Being Course: Conditioning

Overall Health Being Course: Conditioning

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Step 2: Conditioning

Conditioning helps to maintain the benefits of detox.

O’ Forest SoyLAC

  • Strengthen immune system
  • Improve the mechanism of digestion and absorption

BMS Organics Ocean Energy

  • Supplements body’s essential minerals and trace minerals

BMS Organics Extra Virgin Sacha Inchi Oil

  • With a perfect balance of Omega-3, -6, -9
  • Helps regulate hormone

BMS Organics Turmeric+ Powder

  • Enhanced blood circulation and warm up bodies

Suggested Duration: 1 month

Product Quantity:

O’ Forest SoyLAC: 4 boxes

BMS Organics Ocean Energy: 3 bottles

BMS Organics Extra Virgin Sacha Inchi Oil: 2 bottles

BMS Organics Turmeric+ Powder: 2 bottles

Step 2: Conditioning

Before Breakfast & 1 Hour before Bedtime:

SoyLAC (1 tube) + Lukewarm Water (150ml), 2 times per day


Soya Milk / Oatmilk + Sacha Inchi Oil (1 tablespoon) 

In Between Meal:

Turmeric+ Powder (2 spoons) + Lukewarm Water (200ml)

Throughout The Day:

Ocean Energy (10 drops) add into drinking bottle, 2 times per day

Suggested duration: 1 month

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