PURE HERBS-Joyweed Red Tea (30 teabags)

PURE HERBS-Joyweed Red Tea (30 teabags)

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Joyweed Red Tea is made from Ginkgo Biloba leaves, Sessile Joyweed (Alternanthera sessilis) and other tropical herbs. Alternanthera Sessilis is a weed that inhabits many areas of the world. In Nigeria, it is used to relieve headaches and dizziness.

Ginkgo is believed to have nootropic properties, and is mainly used as memory and concentration enhancer. The mechanism of action of ginkgo is believed to be its functions as a neuro-protective agent, an antioxidant, a free radical scavenger, a membrane stabilizer, and an inhibitor of platelet-activating factor via the terpene ginkgolide B.

The tea is organically grown without the use of chemical fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide. It does not contain caffeine, colorants or any added chemical. The tea sachets are packed with high hygienic standards and convenient to be consumed whenever a need arises.

  • Special Formulated Herbs
  • 100% Natural
  • Halal Certified

Soak the sachet in the vacuum flask or hot boiled water for 10-20 minutes, use 1-3 sachets per day or when necessary. The same sachet can be used for several servings and once opened, store in dry place.

No artificial preservatives added, please store in cool, dry place. After opening, please consume within 180 days for best quality.

Products received are at least 4 months from expiry date due to the absence of artificial preservatives.

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