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Gallstone Flush DIY Formula (Apple Juice)

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A Clean Liver, A New Life

Most people think that gallstones are only formed in the gallbladder. In fact, most of the gallstones are formed in the liver. Formation of gallstones may due to unhealthy diets and lifestyle, which can lead to chronic diseases and premature aging. When gallstones are present in the liver and gall bladder, signs and symptoms will be shown, such as:

  • Dark spots or acne on the skin
  • Oily forehead
  • Indigestion or stomach bloating
  • Stiff neck
  • Easily fatigue
  • Migraine
  • Foul-smelling stool

If you are experiencing these kinds of signs and symptoms, it’s time to do gallstone flush! Now, you can easily do it at home with just a few simple ingredients. Let’s try it out!


O’Forest Organic Apple Juice, O’Forest Organic Lemon Juice, O’Forest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, O’Choice Epsom Salt

  1. O’Forest Organic Apple Juice: Helps to soften gallstones
  2. O’Forest Organic Lemon Juice: Helps to soften bile duct
  3. O’Forest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Stimulates excretion of bile
  4. O’Choice Epsom Salt: Stimulate bowel movement for defecation

7 Days Course

1st to 5th day

  • Every day: 1000ml Apple Juice (drink during daytime) + 6 to 8 glasses of plain water

* Encouraged to consume on an empty stomach or between meals

* Avoid consuming right before or after meals

6th day

  • Morning: Consume 1000ml Apple Juice

* Avoid meat, milk, fried and protein foods

  • 1.30pm: After lunch, start fasting (avoid any foods or beverages if possible)
  • 6.00pm & 8.00pm: Epsom Salt (1 tablespoon) + Warm Water (250ml)
  • 10.00pm: Lemon Juice (200ml) + Olive Oil (125 ml)  (Shake well and drink)

7th day:

  • 6.00am – 6.30am : Epsom Salt (1 tablespoon) + Warm water (250ml)

* Avoid standing and walking after consume

  • 8.00am – 8.30am : Epsom Salt (1 tablespoon) + Warm water (250ml)
  • 10.00am : Drink Fresh Juice
  • 11.30am : Consume Fruits
  • 12.30am: Consume some easily digested and light food (porridge/ bread/ biscuit) (lunch and dinner)

* Consume light food and avoid meat, eggs, milk, oily and protein-containing foods for 2 to 3 days

Products Quantity?

O’Forest Organic Apple Juice x 9, O’Forest Organic Lemon Juice x 1, O’Forest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil x 1, O’Choice Epsom Salt (S) x 1

Friendly Reminder?

  1. Female is not recommended to carry out gallstone flush during menstrual period.
  2. Gallstone flush is not recommended for those with large gallstone, as it can lead to blockage of bile ducts.

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