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  • YILI-Purple Clay Steaming Mug (2.5L)

YILI-Purple Clay Steaming Mug (2.5L)

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Purple Clay is a type of unique mineral resource from China which is well known as ‘ZiSha’. Due to the presence of various minerals such as iron and silicon in purple clay, burning process induce purple red color of the clay. It is famous among Chinese in the Tea Art Culture for teapots (due to its unique characteristics). Purple Clay Crockpots were found in the Song Dynasty which has more than a thousand years’ history that was inherited until now.


  • Traditional stewing method with modern technology. – Double lid pot with computerized operation system, using double boil method to preserve the original aroma and taste of food (equipped with 3 inner pots – 1 unit 2.5L pot, 2 units 0.5L pots)
  • Cook more healthy and delicious tonic – due to heating, purple clay will release far-infrared and trace minerals that alkalinize water and helps to retain its original taste, aroma and texture.
  • Fully automated computerize operation – convenient and user friendly without the need to monitor the entire cooking process.
  • Built in short circuit protection – Power supply will automatically cut off for safety purpose.

Ideal for: bird nest, tonic, dessert, ginseng, shark’s fin, abalone, meat, dim sum, chicken essence, rice and soup.


2.5L (1 unit 2.5L pot, 2 units 0.5L pot)



Cooking Time

45 minutes - 24 hours (Adjustable cooking time & preset timer)

Keep Warm Automatically

9 hours


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